About Mex Strength

Mex Strength has been at the forefront of innovative and high-quality fitness equipment and accessories manufacturing. We offer exceptional services, products, and go above and beyond customer expectations. However, our dedication to the game extends beyond just what we offer.


About Our Online Store

Our goal is always to enhance the wellbeing of others through our products and services. We are unwavering in our commitment to delivering Total Customer Service.

Mex Strength produces premium Fitness Equipment and Accessories, such as Weightlifting Belts, Elbow Wraps, Lifting Straps, Battle Ropes, and all kinds of fitness gear as well as promotional items

Our Mission

Our aim is to surpass customer expectations by delivering innovative, custom-designed solutions that are cost-effective, delivered on time, and supported by a commitment to continuously improving our manufacturing processes. This, in turn, results in exceptional quality offerings.

Our Vision

Our objective is to collaborate with renowned global brands, organizations, and entrepreneurs to establish long-term, trustworthy business relationships. We strive to do so by delivering custom, high-quality fitness equipment that meets the demands of our customers.

Manufacturer | Exporter | Supplier

At Mex Strength, we specialize in manufacturing a wide range of Fitness Equipment, including Weight Lifting Belts, Hip Bands, Arm Blasters, Elbow Sleeves, and Weight Lifting Straps.