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A weightlifting figure 8 strap is a special tool for holding onto heavy bars like when you do deadlifts or shrugs. It helps you lift weights better.  Instead of a straight strap it looks like the number eight. You put one end around your wrist and the other around the bar. This shape gives you more support and makes it easier to hold onto the bar tightly while you lift.

Special Kind of Lifting Strap Available

We have a special kind of lifting strap that is a red figure 8 strap. It’s really good for helping you lift weights better at the gym. Our strap is made with care and looks nice too. The bright red color makes it easy to see and it stands out when you’re working out.

Benefits of Using Figure 8 Strap

Using a figure 8 strap has many benefits.

  1. Stronger Grip Support: It makes your grip stronger because it spreads the weight better across your hand and arm so you won’t get tired as quickly.
  2. Better Balance and Control: It keeps you steady by wrapping securely around your wrist and the barbell reducing the chance of the weight slipping and making your lifts more controlled.
  3. Less Strain on Arms and Wrists: This strap is made to fit comfortably and lessen the strain on your forearms so you can concentrate on lifting without hurting your wrists and forearms like regular straps might.
  4. Useful for Many Exercises: It’s good for lots of exercises like deadlifts, shrugs and rows so you can use it for different workouts.


Q1: Can beginners use figure 8 straps?

A1: Yes, they’re helpful for lifters of all levels because they give extra support during heavy lifting.

Q2: What exercises can you do with figure 8 straps?

A2: You can use them for lots of exercises like rows, shrugs and pull-ups, not just deadlifts.

Q3: Do figure 8 straps come in different sizes?

A3: Most of them can be adjusted to fit different hand sizes but it’s a good idea to check the product details for sizing information.

Maximize Lifts By Figure 8 Straps

Figure 8 Straps are great for improving your performance and overcoming grip issues when lifting weights. Our red figure 8 strap not only looks good but also works well and lasts long. Whether you’re a pro or a beginner in fitness getting a figure 8 strap can really boost your lifting. Try out Mex Strength LTD‘s red figure 8 strap and feel the difference it makes in your workouts.